Working with novelist Orla Murphy on an improvised sound-text performance today.

Orla and I have been experimenting with using the cello as part of a writing process. Orla had brought some beautiful shells and coral she found beachcombing on the shore of the Andaman Sea and we started off talking about the depth of resonance in the object. The brain like labyrinths of the coral were reminding us of the stored memories of the sea. This was particularly poignant on this day when much of her family were out searching the shore to their lands near the Baltimore Beacon for the body of one of the three people that died yesterday evening. This in turn flowed into the current of thinking around the subject of the dispossessed which Orla has written so movingly about in her last novel. I suggested that Orla used the cello as a boat, playing into finding a way into the deep and she certainly did. Orla moved from playing to speaking the images and story which I wrote down and sung back. I found this process highly stimulating for thinking about ideas for the participatory project I want to do next with the Goleen Community Group. I am thinking now about ways to actually play a boat as an instrument. Strings coming down from a mast ? A glockenspiel ? 


These tangled threads.  

Uillinn, West Cork Arts Centre, Skibbereen, Co.Cork. Ireland